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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Working on a development project is rarely a single-responsibility role; that is precisely the reason that LavaPi offers our clients staff augmentation. At LavaPi, we give you the parts required to be filled in the company temporarily; imagine a self-managed and independent team or individual, that can prove to be your business’s best asset. Why? Recent studies have shown that enterprises have saved close to 3 million dollars because staff augmentation on an IT project cuts the costs of travel, consulting, employee benefit and management costs.

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Diverse Team

LavaPi saw the future of workplaces transferring to a more digital world; that is why we’ve begun offering our services outside of geographical bounds. As of today, we’ve completed successful projects in software development.

Our diverse team has mastered the modern development languages and frameworks, in essence, anything you need, we have a senior or mid-level developer for it. Some projects may need DevOps engineers, a scrum master or a business analyst. Whatever project you’re working on, we have a specialist in that field, from junior to senior level of professionals.


Instant Recruiting

We approach each project with individuality, because each one has specific and unique needs, that is why our staff augmentation is not a solid chart, but an ever-changing flow, adjusting to each client’s needs accordingly. If by chance, you require a very specific professional and we don’t have such a person in our team, our recruiters will hire them with efficiency, according to the exact profile you send over as a reference.


So, why Staff Augmentation?

This is perfect for a company that already has some resources, but need additional power to skyrocket the project in the correct direction, for example, we can offer you UI/UX designers, developers of any programming language, account managers, project managers, HR or legal consultants. You name it, we got it.

We offer companies such a varied and wide circle of professionals because we understand that groups, not just individuals, craft the business’s success. You may ask yourself: “Why should I outsource all these roles when I can have them in-house”. Well, we’re here to give you all the information you may not be aware of, so you can make a well-informed decision regarding the future of your company.


No Additional Costs

You get what you pay for: Unlike in-house management or IT team, with staff augmentation, you pay for what you need - their service. Remove the costs of benefits, management and the excruciating recruitment processes - all the while the team you’re hiring will cost less than if you’d hired locally.

A Vast Sea of Professionals

Now that digital workspaces have gained worldwide recognition, working remotely is not an issue for most companies, staff augmentation allows you to hire from anywhere in the world, so your geographical limitations are lifted, find the right person, without restraining the business to your local area.

Self-sustaining Team

The outsourced IT or management groups have their own ecosystem of management, which means your focus can stay on your business, the team will handle and self-manage the tasks given to them.

All Projects Are Unique

most teams have a tried and true method of handling projects, but we consider all projects we work on very unique. Outside of the standard approach of management and reporting, we’re very flexible on adapting to the companies policies or workplace flow. After working for many multi-cultural companies, we’ve noticed that adaptation and assimilation are critical to successfully handling the project and communication within.

Got a project in mind?

Aside from cutting costs, hiring professionals for lesser rates and removing the hassle of management, LavaPi also has immense experience in the staff augmentation field. We’ve worked with global partners as well as local startups and given them the same dedication because our core values are diversity and efficiency. The non-stop progress and successful partnerships have landed us the name of a reliable software and web development company. If you’re interested in our pricing and rates, you can request the information now.

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