June, 2021
By Mariam Mikeladze

How to Learn to Code for Free?

How to Learn to Code for Free?

In the 21st century, we are provided with more opportunities than ever to develop, learn, and explore independently. It takes only a desire and determination to flex your skills and reach your maximum potential. Along with the upheaval of the tech industry, many IT enthusiasts have decided to shoot their shot at landing their dream jobs. While the learning process can be time-consuming and incredibly costly, there are different routes you can take. In this blog, we will discuss how you can learn coding on your own without spending a dime.


There are many resources available online, but let’s narrow them down to the top five. First, on the list, we have BitDegree. On this website, you can find tons of free courses about programming. They even offer gamified courses, which are more interactive and incredibly encouraging for beginners. You can learn any language you like; the most popular choices include HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and SQL.


Next, we have Coursera. You have probably heard of this platform as it offers various courses in many different fields of study, so it shouldn’t be surprising that you can find some fantastic coding lessons here for free. These courses are highly academic as they are taught by professors from leading universities. This means that you get to learn coding with some of the best resources available.

Code Academy

Another excellent website for learning how to code is the Code Academy. This one’s one of the most popular among fellow IT enthusiasts – more than 24 million people have learnt coding with the help of this platform. Code Academy offers courses of different levels, ranging from absolute beginner to advanced languages. Another great feature of this platform is that they let you practise your newly acquired knowledge straight away by giving you 300 million hours of free coding content, which is more than enough to turn a beginner into a working programmer.


The following app we suggest is the EdX – a massive platform for computer science geeks. EdX is also a top-rated website; at the moment, its network comprises over 5 million students. Here you can find excellent tutorials for learning various programming languages. Free materials found on EdX will definitely help you get a grasp of the programming basics.

Khan Academy

Last but not least, we have Khan Academy – another well-known platform, especially for their mathematics courses. This is a great place to start if you want to learn to code. On this website, not only you get to learn from the masters of programming, but you also get to share what you’ve learned with other users and also understand the philosophy of programming as a whole.

So, if you say you want to learn but don’t know where to start, you have no excuse, as we’ve discussed various free resources available for you. Beginnings are always hard, but once you dip your toes in, the process will get much easier and more enjoyable. After all, success comes to those who don’t give up and try their hardest.


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